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        簡體中文 | 繁體中文 | English | 日本語

        Listed below are some of our clients. If you'd like to learn more about our experience in your industry, please contact us . We will be pleased to provide you with relevant info.

        ◆ Conference and General Commercial

        1. China International Fair for Investment and Trade
        2. Xiamen Economic and Trade Information Center
        3. Quanzhou Enterprises Online Exposition
        4. Xiamen Construction & Development Group

        ◆ Technical Documents

        1. GE Engine Services (China) Co., Ltd. , GE Onwing Support China
        2. Kodak (China) Co., Ltd.
        3. China American Cigarettes
        4. ABB, Dell Computer
        5. Noell Crane Systems (China)., Ltd.
        6. Chabridge Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd.
        7. Mid-south Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.
        8. McQuay Air Conditioning
        9. Amoisonic Electronics Co., Ltd.

        ◆ Media & Publishing

        1. Xiamen Daily , Guanxia Publishing House, China Electronic Industry Publishing House
        2. China International Investment Promotion Center
        3. Synphonics 、Newspaper Techniques
        4. Creative Advertising, New Era Public Media

        ◆ Internet-related

        1. China-Channel
        2. Xiamen Online、Leifeld、dietz-schell
        3. Quanzhou Enterprises Online Exposition

        ◆ Legal

        1. Major Law Firms
        2. Major Notarial Public Offices
        3. Local Civil Courts
        4. Immigration Offices
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